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Courses and Seminars

Coretest Systems offers periodic training courses and seminars, related mostly to the use of our products.
Our training courses cover theoretical and practical aspects on a wide range of topics, including:
  • Overall core analysis laboratory program
  • Core and plug preparation
  • Routine core analysis: porosity, permeability, fluid saturations
  • Special core analysis: wettability, relative permeability, capillary pressure, electrical properties
We also offer seminars and workshops specifically focused on our own systems.
The information on these courses and seminars will be updated from time to time on our website. We will also provide periodic updates regarding planned courses and seminars to our existing customers via e-mail.
Please contact us at sales@coretest.com for updated information.


Design and Engineering

Coretest Systems has been designing and building the most advanced and sophisticated laboratory equipment for a variety of disciplines involving hydrothermal tests, routine and special core analysis, core flood studies for enhanced oil recovery, and more recently, carbon dioxide sequestration and storage, gas shale studies, and others.
We have participated in a number of projects involving the planning and equipping of complete laboratories around the world.
We offer a complete design and engineering service that utilizes our comprehensive “Z process” to lead the client from the very first steps of an idea through the test description and specifications, conceptual design, schematic diagram, equipment written description and finally the physical construction and testing of the equipment. This process ensures a resulting product that is as close as possible to what the client needs.
Please contact our Sales team at sales@coretest.com or call us at (+1-775) 686-6296 for additional information on our Design and Engineering services.
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