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AP-608 Automated Porosimeter-Permeameter (Shales)

The AP-608 Automated Permeameter-Porosimeter is a cost-effective advanced system for performing automated permeability and porosity tests at confining pressures up to 10,000 psi over a wide permeability range. The AP-608 uses a pressure decay technique to determine Klinkenberg-corrected permeabilities...

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NDP-605 NanoDarcy Permeameter

The NDP-605 NanoDarcy Permeameter is a fully integrated and computer-controlled system for measuring low to very low permeability (from <0.00001 md (10 nd) to 0.5 md depending on core length and diameter) of plug size core samples using high pressure gas. It uses a pulse decay procedure for measuring the permeabilities.

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