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DBPR-5HP High Pressure Digital Back Pressure Regulator


The DBPR-5HP High Pressure Digital Back Pressure Regulator is a precision pressure control valve that can be used with gas,

a single- phase liquid, or multiple phase fluids. The DBPR-005 uses a patented (U.S. patent #4936340) technique for

controlling the back pressure in a system. Using advanced servo-control electronics in conjunction with a specially

designed motor-driven valve, the DBPR-5 is capable of controlling back pressure to 20,000 psi with a high degree of accuracy.


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SFS-32 Two-Phase Sonic Fluid Separator


The SFS-32 Two-Phase Sonic Fluid Separator is a precision device that can be used for determining brine, oil, and

gas volumes that are produced during two-phase relative permeability tests at reservoir conditions.


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NDP-605 NanoDarcy Permeameter


The NDP-605 NanoDarcy Permeameter is a fully integrated and computer-controlled system for measuring low to very low

permeability (from <0.00001 md (10 nd) to 0.5 md, depending on core length and diameter) of plug size core samples

using high pressure gas. The system is enclosed in a temperature-controlled chamber and uses the pulse decay procedure

for measuring permeability.


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